White wine


Pinot Grigio. Cortefresca. Italy. 

An elegant soft dry example with a light and refreshing flavour.

125     4.50

175          5

250          7 

Bottle   20


Sauvignon Blanc. Aotearoa. New Zealand. 

A quality white from the famous Marlborough region.Well balanced with a crisp tropical finish.

125  5.50

175  6.75

250  9.50

Bottle   28

Aulico gavi di gavi

rich, settled and harmonious, with a long lasting finish

bottle   32

red wine

Merlot. Cortefresca. Italy 

Well rounded light and mellow with soft plum flavours.

125       4.50

175            5

250            7

Bottle   20


Malbec. Argentina

Estate grown and bottled with fruity notes of plum. Soft and velvety with a juicy finish.

 125   5.50

175   6.75

250   9.50

Bottle   28

Rioja Crianza. Carrizal. Spain

Aged 16 months in american oak to give a full flavour. With hints of spice and dark fruits.

Bottle   30




Prosecco. Pontebello. Italy

Glass 5

Bottle 25




Veuve Clicquot Brut


Bottle 70

Rose wine


Pinot Grigio Blush. Cortefresca. Italy

A delicate blend of summer fruits produce an elegant and gentle dry blush wine.

 125       4.50

175           5

250          7

Bottle   20


White Zinfandel. Hilmar Springs. California

Bright salmon pink with a juicy refreshing strawberry and summer fruit taste.

 125       4.75

175           6

250          8

Bottle   22


Diamarine. Coteaux varois en provence

 This delicate pink rose is both complex and easy drinking with an array of fruit and floral flavours

Bottle 32

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